chai-spiced hot chocolate

by Megan Fleiner in

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Have you gotten into the Christmas spirit yet? I have yet to start decorating my house, which always makes it feel real to me. I am even getting my very own (real) Christmas tree this year, and I couldn't be more excited. There is something so magical about this time of year, especially when the weather is cold and snowy and you can curl up around the Christmas tree (and fireplace if you have one) with your loved ones and soak it all in.

Like every other holiday, this one has its own flavors and food memories attached. I shared some of my Christmas cookie recipes with you last year, and hope to be trying out a few new ones this season. For now, I hope you'll head on over to Delighted's gorgeous new winter issue. If it's cold where you are right now, you will want to make my recipe for Chai-Spiced Hot Chocolate (with vanilla whipped cream!) as soon as possible. Find it on pages 66-67 of the magazine.

Happy Holidays!