c-ville weekend

by Megan Fleiner in

thanks for all the love and sweet messages for me and ryan, we had an amazing weekend in charlottesville! it is such a great city with so much personality, i love it more and more each time i visit. we crammed a lot into a short period of time, someday i would like to spend more time up there. here are some highlights from the past few days:

1 flowers in front of bandb.jpg
2 b and b.jpg

we stayed at the sweetest little b&b, with only 4 rooms. they had a delicious and simple breakfast for us each morning, and we could walk to the corner and the downtown mall. it was perfect!

5 dt mall entrance.jpg
6 dt mall.jpg
8 side street.JPG
19 city market.JPG
20 south street inn.JPG
21 south street brewery ryan.JPG
28 wine festival.jpg

we spent saturday morning/early afternoon walking around the downtown mall, got massages at a cute spa in a really old house, went into a few shops, walked through the little market in town, tried (and failed) to go to two of ryan's favorite restaurants (they were both closed), and went to an awesome wine festival on saturday afternoon.

i have some more pictures of some of our favorite meals/shops, i'll share those tomorrow! hope you had a lovely weekend!

p.s. i find it so hard to get pictures of the two of us when we travel, do you have that problem? i feel so awkward and hate to bother people by asking them to take a picture of us. on that note, we did get one good picture of us from the end of the wine festival, which is on another camera. it's much easier when traveling with friends!