easter weekend

by Megan Fleiner

i hope you all had a lovely easter weekend! as i mentioned in this post, my parents were in for the weekend from pittsburgh, and we had a great time (as usual). lots of laughing, delicious food, some house hunting (more on that later), celebrating on easter sunday, and percy meeting his grandparents for the first time!

1 mimosa grill exterior.jpg
2 from the farm to your fork.jpg
3 stuffed hushpuppies.jpg
4 trout dish.jpg
5 ryan and dad.jpg
6 mom and me mimosa grille.jpg
7 chocolate mimosa dessert.jpg

1-7 dinner on friday night at mimosa grill. favorite thing on the menu: hushpuppies stuffed with cajun rock shrimp, crawfish, and leek fondue creole sauce.

8-9 nut roll easter collage.jpg
10 easter basket and nut roll.jpg

8-9 sweet little easter basket from mom and dad and amazing homemade nut roll (in the cutest easter towel!) from my aunt meg. (note: there was another easter basket in the apartment this weekend that was much larger... that one was percy's :)

11 nut roll pineapple and coffee.jpg

10 the nut roll was the perfect breakfast with fresh pineapple and coffee.

12 percy at amelies.jpg
13 amelies chicken salad.jpg
14 amelies soup.jpg

11-13 lunch outside at amelie's- percy chewing on some rawhide, chicken salad croissant sandwich and my favorite soup - spinach asparagus leek.

15 cafe monte salad and bread.jpg
16 lemon and raspberry cake.jpg
17 dad and mom cafe monte.jpg

14-16 dinner on saturday at cafe monte - always a good idea.

hope you have a great week! xo