the best chicken tortilla soup

by Megan Fleiner in

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Forget everything you knew about chicken tortilla soup. Really. This version is so easy to make, and so flavorful... truly the perfect lunch or dinner for any time of year. The secret? A slow cooker. 

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I don't believe I have ever posted a recipe using a slow cooker on this site, and for good reason: I hardly ever use one. But this method of cooking chicken (thanks Taylor!) left me with a desire to dust mine off and give it some use. I have always loved tortilla soup, so turning this perfectly tender pulled chicken into a spicy soup was the natural thing to do. 

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I am sharing the recipe for this dish over on the Italian blog Oggi Pane e Salame, Domani...  (which I found out means "Today Bread and Salami, Tomorrow..."). When Sonia reached out to me to do a guest post for her blog, I wanted to make sure I passed along something great for her readers. The post is in Italian and English, which I think is kind of awesome.

Head on over to Sonia's blog for the recipe!