watermelon mojitos + happy 4th!

by Megan Fleiner in

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Happy 4th of July! I am going to keep this post short and sweet, because I have some celebrating to do, and I'm sure you do, too! If you are looking for the perfect last minute cocktail for this weekend, look no further. Nothing says summer like watermelon... and paired with fresh mint, lime juice, and a little rum? A fantastic way to celebrate our nation's independence.

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Be safe and have a wonderful holiday weekend! 

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Watermelon Mojitos

makes 2 cocktails

1 cup fresh watermelon juice

2-4 ounces white rum

1 lime, plus additional wedges for garnish

2 teaspoons sugar

Fresh mint leaves, plus additional for garnish

Club soda

First, prepare the watermelon juice. If you have a juicer, this is a very easy step. I got about 3 cups of juice per 1/4 watermelon (this will vary depending on size of the melon). If you don't have a juicer, you can blend the watermelon and pass it through a fine mesh strainer. 

In the bottom of 2 cocktail glasses, divide the sugar, rum (1-2 ounces each depending on how strong you like your mojito!), and mint leaves (a small handful in each glass). Using a wooden spoon, stir the contents, making sure to break up the mint leaves a bit, releasing their flavors into the rum/sugar mixture.

Pour 1/2 cup watermelon juice into each glass, and divide the lime juice between them. Add ice, stir, and top with club soda. Taste and adjust ingredients if necessary. Add a lime wedge and more mint for garnish.